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laboratory, Department of Quaternary geology, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)

Pine pollen

Research team

Light microscope photograph of a pine pollen ( Pinus sylvestris

SEM photographs of an elm pollen Ulmus

Elm pollen


Pollen analysis (palynology) is widely used in environmental reconstruction, enabling inferences to be made concerning vegetation, climate, soils and human impacts upon landscape. Pollen grains are preserved in various geological deposits (e.g. lakes, bogs and acid soils). They can be retrieved, identified and interpreted through various techniques in the field, in the laboratory and in the later stages also by statistical techniques. The results of a pollen analytical investigation are presented in a pollen diagram which form the basis for the palaeoecological interpretations.

Pollen diagram
Pollen diagram giving a biased impression of the flora.
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