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Mineral Resources Assessment
Bo Møller Stensgaard
Bo Møller Stensgaard
Mail: bmst@geus.dk
Telefon: 9133 3858

Karen Hanghøj
Karen Hanghøj
Mail: kha@geus.dk
Telefon: 9133851

Greenland is more than ever looking to its natural resources for a significant part of the financing necessary for the desired future development of the country.

Since the early 18th century the search for exploitable minerals has been the motivation for geological investigations in Greenland. GEUS plays an important role in these investigations - involving a variety of geoscience disciplines and methods. Field work and research is carried out in large international networks of both companies and universities.

The assessment of the economic geological potential of mineral deposits in Greenland is an important ongoing obligation for GEUS.

Products and research results derived from the mineral resource assessment

Airborne geohysical data in Greenland
Mineral resource potential of South Greenland
Geochemical atlas of Greenland - West and South Greenland
Digital compilation of diamond exploration data from West Greenland

Fieldwork at Storø, Godthåbsfjorden (2009) 

Godthåbsfjorden, prospectivity for gold.

Services to the international exploration industry

Mineral Occurrence Maps on the web:

Company data and reports:
Geology & Ore
Fact Sheets - Exploration and Mining in Greenland

Mineral Resources Assessment