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Danmarks og Grønlands Geologiske Undersøgelse Rapport 2005/68

7-9 November 2005 in Copenhagen. Extended abstracts. Danmarks og Grønlands Geologisk Undersøgelse Rapport 2005/68

7-9 November 2005 in Copenhagen. Extended abstracts

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Part 2 pp. 57-123
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This workshop on Greenland's diamond potential is a milestone in GEUS' five-year project on 'kimberlite' geology. The project has been carried out in collaboration with the Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum (BMP) in Nuuk, Greenland. During these five years, GEUS' Department of Economic Geology conducted a new collection of data from West Greenland with relevance to distribution of rock types in the field of kimberlite, lamproite and ultramafic lamprophyre in the wide context, aiming at all aspects of the Greenland diamond potential. A number of reports and accounts on results from this work have been published sofar, including a complete collection presented on DVD of all diamond exploration data produced by companies, universities and GEUS.

A wealth of new kimberlite occurrences and data relevant to kimberlites and their diamond potential have appeared over the last few years, and several research groups are at present working in collaboration with GEUS on new samples and data from the Sarfartoq and Maniitsoq regions. GEUS and BMP wish to convene the international workshop in order to give involved and interested parties an opportunity to exchange and discuss recent investigations and data and implications for exploration for diamonds in West Greenland and other Archaean cratonic regions in the northern hemisphere, especially those in glaciated terrain.

The presentations in this workshop report various results of GEUS' research in this field, as well as a number of invited accounts covering similar subjects from the North American and Atlantic with topics relating to the general discussion on kimberlites. The topics cover such wide issues as the lithospheric mantle under southern West Greenland, petrogenesis of kimberlite, geotectonic and structural setting, and exploration techniques and results.

This volume includes the abstracts delivered by the participants and contributions are printed as they are received. Only technical changes have been carried out by the workshop secretariat in order to match the format of the GEUS report. The abstracts are presented in alphabetical order.

Participants presenting material are thanked for their effort and enthusiasm directed toward this workshop. We look forward to a productive gathering with the Greenland diamond potential in focus

Rapport 2005/68 - Workshop on Greenlands diamond potential