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Promotion of Yemen's mineral resources

GEUS - Internationale udviklingsprojekter. Promotion of Yemen's mineral resources

Promotion of Yemen's mineral resources

Yemen on globe Yemen * In spite of excellent natural resources, the mineral potential of Yemen is under-explored. Therefore, the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group) decided to finance a project with the following objective: Support to the Government of Yemen's efforts to attract private investments for the mining sector.

Gypsum mining outside Sana'a
Gypsum mining outside Sana'a
Yemen's geology demonstrates that the country has excellent natural potential for a vibrant mining industry, emphasised by the silver and other metals that were exploited in ancient times. The geological and geochemical mapping carried out by the Geological Survey and Mineral Resources Board (GSMRB) of Yemen continually substantiates this potential.

A few foreign companies have explored for zinc, copper, nickel, gold and silver with the result that a zinc-silver-lead deposit in the Jabali area, west of Sana'a is expected to go into production soon. Anothernt company has discovered nickel, silver and cobalt prospects, as well as two gold prospects. Several local small- to medium-size companies exploit industrial minerals such as gypsum, and process rock for road construction. Dimension stones such as granite, marble and volcanic rocks are mined for local use.

The project has two parts:

  • Establish a new website for GSMRB and improve the underlying database.
  • Prepare material and to undertake international promotional activities at the Prospectors and Developers Annual Convention (PDAC) in Toronto, Canada, in 2009, 2010 and 2011.
The project started in 2008 with GEUS personnel working with colleagues from GSMRB in Yemen during several periods. The work involved limited field work including a visit to the Jabali zinc prospect and a number of enterprises mining gypsum in the vicinity of Sana'a, the capital of Yemen.

In close cooperation with the staff of GSMRB, the database concept was restructured and it was agreed which commodities were the most relevant for Yemen's international promotion. The choice fell on zinc, gold and the platinum group elements. Judged to have the best potential for attracting the foreign company interest, handouts and posters on these commodities were printed at GEUS.

The promotion material was displayed at the PDAC in 2009, 2010 and 2011. The results of the project can be viewed on GSMRB's website: http://www.ygsmrb.org.ye

Access road to the Jabali zinc deposit
Access road to the Jabali zinc deposit
The Yemen booth, PDAC, Canada, in 2009
The Yemen booth, PDAC, Canada, in 2009
Peter W. U. Appel
Senior research scientist
E-mail: pa@geus.dk
Telephone: +45 3814 2214
Promotion of Yemen's mineral resources