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​Groundwater mapping in Thailand


Exporting know-how about groundwater mapping

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In Denmark,groundwater accounts for more than of our water supply. Protection of our groundwater resources is therefore of extraordinary importance. Considerable knowlegde and experience regarding the use and protection of the groundwater resources has been gathered in Denmark over the years. That has created significant international awareness.

GEUS Department of Groundwater and Quaternary Mapping​ is also involved in groundwater mapping projects abroad. Among others the department has a collaboration with the Department of Groundwater Resources in Bangkok, Thailand and participates in a DANIDA project in Ghana (The GhanAqua project).

In the Kamphaeng Phet mapping area groundwater is used for irrigation. Photo by Peter Sandersen, GEUS

​​Testing technology

The Department of Groundwater Resources (DGR), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Bangkok, Thailand is testing Danish groundwater mapping technology these years in a larger, selffinanced pilot project. The Danish contribution has hitherto been concentrated on an area called Kamphaeng Phet, which is a smaller part of a study area with a size about 48.000 km2. The study area covers the main part of the Upper Central Plain, which is the main drainage basin to the river Chao Phraya. Chao Phraya runs through Bangkok before its waters ends up in the Gulf of Thailand.

The Danish Model

The hydrogeological mapping is carried out with contributions from Thai and Danish participants. From Denmark Envidan, SkyTEM Surveys Aps, GEUS, The University of Aarhus and I_GIS have been involved until now. Besides mapping of a test area using the airborne SkyTEM-method and the delivery of a geophysical database the participants from Thailand have been educated in how to intepret the airborne geophysical data and subsequently constructing a digital 3D geological model. The idea is, to enable the Thais to work on their own with groundwater mapping using methods and procedures known from "The Danish Model" for groundwater mapping.​

Until now the Danish contribution to the project in Thailand includes:

  • Establishing contact and signing agreements - delivered by Danwater but now carried out by Envidan
  • Mapping of 1.000 km2 with the Danish developed geophysical SkyTEM-method - delivered by SkyTEM Surveys ApS
  • Delivery of a Thai version of the Danish database called GERDA, which is used to store geophysical data as well as the interpretation of these, including installation and training in Thailand - delivered by GEUS
  • Geological interpretation of SkyTEM data and data from boreholes, compiling a general geological model sketch for the area, pointing out 15 localities for new boreholes and a final reporting - delivered by GEUS
  • Courses and transfer of knowhow both in Bangkok as well as in Denmark - delivered by GEUS, I-GIS and The University of Aarhus; i.e. 8 geologists from Thailand initially participated in a 30 day course in Denmark. Later on other delegations have been in Denmark several times for further training and upgrading of skills.

 Further reading

Contact persons in GEUS for the Thailand project:


Groundwater mapping in Thailand