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Documentation - Greenland Mineral Occurrence Map

The Greenland Mineral Occurence Map (GMOM) - Documentation
The Greenland Mineral Occurrence Map (GMOM) project.

The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) and the Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum in Nuuk (BMP) have worked together for many years to inform the international exploration and mining community of the mineral potential of Greenland. Since 2004, data on mineral occurrences in Greenland has been organised in the database GMOM and presented on the Web together with various geodata.   The information and data in GMOM are described in Thorning et al (2004), 'On-line presentation of mineral occurrences in Greenland'.

The presentation encompasses result of the regional mineral resources assessment programme in West Greenland (1999 to 2003), in the Nuuk region, southern West Greenland (2004 to 2008), and from South Greenland (late 1990's). Other regions to follow.

An ArcIMS environment was chosen for the web presentation of information. The facility is anchored on the pages you are reading now, and will open its own window; you can easily return to this window to check definitions and get further background information.

Log of modifications and additions

The following log describes the modifications and additions to
´Greenland Mineral Occurrence Map´.

Update date Modifications and additions

23 Dec 2009 The mineral occurrence map for Nuuk region.
23 Dec 2009 Update of mineral occurrence data sheets from South Greenland and central West Greenland .
29 June 2006  South Greenland south of 62ºN - mineral occurrences and geoscientific data open for public
10 Jan 2006 Update, design and layout revision.
21 Dec 2005 Geological environments and related mineral occurrences open for public
05 Oct 2005

Design and layout revision

25 Jan 2005 The GMOM facility open to the public.
25 Nov 2004 The mineral occurrence map for West Greenland (66°-70°15') - uploaded for the first time. This includes mineral occurrences with id no´s 1 to 160 and various geophysical and geochemica background images



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2. Liability

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Documentation - Greenland Mineral Occurrence Map