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Definitions Greenland Mineral Occurrence Map

The Greenland Mineral Occurence Map (GMOM) - Introduction

In the daily work routines of the Department of   Petrology and Economic Geology, the mineral occurrence data and associated geological, geophysical and geochemical data are handled in the GimmeX  system, a collection of co- ordinated databases and programs for compilation, interpretation and presentation of geoscience data. For mineral occurrence data there are two important databases, GREENMIN (compilations of wide-ranging information from mainly exploration reports) and GMOM (selection of selected, relevant data for mineral resource assessment).

The GMOM database is further dealt with by Thorning et al. 2004, Greenland Mineral Occurrence Map; Status report for the development of a proto type for the Internet, January 2004 , GEUS Report 2004/28. A sub-set of the attributes of GMOM is available in the GMOM ArcIMS environment, where they can be viewed as tables or in the form of compiled presentations of selected reference sites in pdf-files. The definitions of the attributes are listed here for easy reference.

In Greenland the issue of topographical maps has always involved problems with inaccurate maps of several
generations. A brief account is given by Thorning et al. 2004 concerning the topographic basis for the mineral occurrence map. As further support for the user's perception of the information, a number of background themes are also included in the mineral occurrence map, to be switched on or off as the user pleases. Their properties are also briefly explained. All references have been collected in one place.

Definitions Greenland Mineral Occurrence Map