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Seismic Data

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Seismic Data

Modern non-exclusive seismic data offshore West Greenland

Modern seismic data: Since 1990 approx. 70,000 km of new seismic data have been acquired offshore West Greenland:

GEUS in 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1995

approx. 10,400 km

Nunaoil in 1994 (released), 1997, 1998 and 2002

approx.    4200 km

Fugro-Geoteam in 1998

approx.    3100 km

TGS-NOPEC in 1999 – 2005

approx. 37,000 km

Released seismic data available from GEUS

approx. 13,300 km

Data sold by TGS-NOPEC include surveys acquired as joint-venture projects between TGS-NOPEC and BMP (2001 and 2002) and TGS-NOPEC and Nunaoil (2002).

Older seismic data: More than 6000 km of older seismic data acquired in the 1970s have been reprocessed. In 1990, GEUS reprocessed parts of the BGR/1977 survey (approx. 2900 km) whereas Danpec/Fugro-Geoteam reprocessed a survey acquired by Burmah Oil in 1971 (approx. 3500 km). Finally, Spectrum has scanned some 8000 km of seismic data from the 1970s.

Older seismic data acquired in the 1970s by various companies are now open file and avalable from GEUS as film or paper copies.

GEUS can supply interested companies with digital navigation data for seismic surveys off West Greenland. Please contact GEUS for further information.

Download: Resampled navigation data 2005 as ASCII file for all modern seismic surveys (txt-file, 6.3 MB).

Download line map of modern seismic data offshore West Greenland. Pdf-file 471 kB
Modern seismic data acquired offshore West Greenland.
Line map in pdf-format (471 kB).
Navigation data available in Landmark-format.

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Modern Seismic Data Offshore West Greenland 2004