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Other Data and Services

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Other Data and Services

Navigation data for seismic surveys off West Greenland

Available services:
Resampled navigation data for all modern seismic surveys off West Greenland including 2005 data (6.3 MB).
Line map 2004 in pdf-format (751 kB)

The navigation data file is written using the Landmark format export_all (survey name, line name, shot point number, trace or CDP number, easting, northing, min trace number, max trace number). The coordinates are given as UTM Zone 21 coordinates.

Gravity and magnetic data

GEUS provides gridded gravity and magnetic data offshore Greenland in the relevant UTM zones (e.g. UTM 21 offshore West Greenland and UTM 28 offshore Northeast Greenland).

Price: 5000 DKK per grid. Grids are delivered as ASCII-files supplemented by pdf-files for overview. For further information, contact Trine Dahl-Jensen

Gravity grids are based on data supplied by  the Danish National Space Center. GEUS provides free air, bouguer (ETOPO2 bathymetri) and a series of high pass filtered custom grids (eg. 100, 150, 200, 300, 350 and 400 km).

Gravity data from the Arctic region can be found on the website of the Danish National Space Center and Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Magnetic grids are based on data from the North Atlantic compiled by the Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic Geoscience Center – AGC).

The magnetic data are available on a CD-ROM:
J. Verhoef, R. Roest, R. Macnab, J. Arkani-Hamad 1996:
Magnetic Anomalies of the Arctic and North Atlantic Oceans and Adjacent Land Areas.
Open File report 3125a
More information and order form AGC's website.
NOTE: To buy gridded data from GEUS it is a prerequisite that this dataset has also been bought by the costumer.

Magnetic data from the Arctic region can also be found on the website of the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC).

Geophysical Atlas of West Greenland

An integrated Seismic-Gravity-Magnetic-Interpretation report has been prepared by TGS-NOPEC and Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research (VBPR) in co-operation with GEUS - 2nd edition available in April 2004.

For more information, brochure (403 kB).

Other data and services from GEUS

GEUS Service to Industry

For information on GEUS's service to the industry see e.g. the brochures:

Nuussuaq Bibliography

To help the industry in gathering these data dealing with the geology and prospectivity of the on- and offshore basins in the Nuussuaq region a detailed bibliography has been compiled comprising available papers, reports and abstracts together with GEUS reports on palynology, organic geochemistry and lithological and petrophysical evaluation of the GRO#3 well.

Geological maps

Geological maps from onshore Greenland are available from GEUS. Some of the geological maps have been issued on CD-ROM.

Onshore magnetic data

Since 1992 modern aeromagnetic data have been acquired onshore Greenland ( MINEX News 18 or GEUS website for more details).

Environmental information

For information on environmental issues in Greenland please contact the National Environmental Research Institute of Denmark (NERI), Department for Arctic Environment . Contact person is:

Jesper Madsen

National Environmental Research Institute (DMU)
Department of Arctic Environment
Frederiksborgvej 399
DK-4000 Roskilde

E-mail: jm@dmu.dk
Phone: +45 4630 1940
Fax:     +45 4630 1914

Ice maps and meteorological data

Maps on the sea ice conditions around Greenland are available from the website of theDanish Meteorological Institute where meteorological data from Greenland can also be found. The web site is in Danish.

The National Ice Center (NOAA) also providesice maps and satellite maps.

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Other Data and Services