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Cover of Ghexis Newsletter 23 GHEXIS

GHEXIS No. 23 - April 2004

West Greenland Licensig Round 2004:
Opening meetings 1 April in Copenhagen, 6 April in Houston with participation of all major industry players.
Four areas with giant leads open for bid until 1 October 2004.
  1. Lady Franklin Basin covering approx. 10,500 km2.
  2. Kangaamiut Basin covering approx. 4900 km2.
  3. Ikermiut Ridge covering approx. 7000 km2.
  4. Paamiut Basin covering approx. 11,200 km2

Read about:

Tectonic history of the Labrador Sea – Baffin Bay area

Key exploration data for the four areas offered for licensing

Physical conditions offshore West Greenland: facts and myths regarding sea ice, icebergs, winds and waves

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Four new licenses to be awarded offshore West Greenland. New licensing phase starts on 1 August 2007
Press release (11 May 2007) from the Greenland Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum cover of bmp annual report

Geophysical data acquistion in Baffin Bay in summer 2007. Co-operation between TGS-NOPEC, BMP and NUNAOIL

New service: Gridded gravity and magnetic data available

Seismic navigation data 2005 available for download

West Greenland seismic data
New favourable price structure

cover of bmp annual report

BMP Annual Report 2005 published
Download (2.9 MB)

Greenland in AAPG Explorer,
November 2004
Elephants Could be Hiding in Arctic

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GHEXIS is published by GEUS in co-orporation with the Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum, Government of Greenland
GHEXIS publiceres af GEUS i samarbejde med Råstofdirektoratet, Grønlands Hjemmestyre
GHEXIS, Greenland Hydrocarbon Exploration Information Service