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Ghexis previous issues

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Previous issues:

GHEXIS No. 22 - December 2003
  • Boost in activities prior to new Licence Round offshore West Greenland in 2004 
  • 2004 Licence Round opening 1 April, closing 1 October
  • West Greenland oil - is a Jurassic source viable?
  • Seismic acquisition offshore West Greenland - focusing on licensing areas
  • Sea-bed sampling programme: promising results spur further investigations
  • The Jurassic of Denmak and East Greenland - a new milestone publication from GEUS
  • The Palaeogene and Neogene offshore southern West Greenland
Cover of Ghexis Newsletter 22

GHEXIS No. 21 - November 2002

  • Greenland's future exploration opportunities
  • New licence offshore West Greenland awarded
  • Seismic data acquisition continues offshore West Greenland
  • Industry excursion to East Greenland - analogues for the Norwegian shelf (and the Faroes)
Cover of Ghexis Newsletter 20

GHEXIS No. 20 - March 2002

  • Licensing Round offshore West Greenland to be announced in April 2002
  • Seismic acquisition during summer 2001 – the search for deep basins
  • Fylla licence relinquished – new data show new possibilities
  • Sisimiut-West licence relinquished – new emerging exploration models
  • Recently completed studies at GEUS
  • New stratigraphic and organic geochemical studies at GEUS
  • Geophysical Atlas of West Greenland
  • Satellite seep detection study offshore West Greenland
Cover of Ghexis Newsletter 20
GHEXIS No. 19 - May 2001
  • West Greenland Licensing Round awaits reduction in company tax
  • Eastern part of Fylla licence relinquished – several prospects remain untested
  • New seismic data planned across the Canada–Greenland border: a TGS-NOPEC/BMP joint venture for 2001
  • Exploration information on CD-ROM
  • Released data from Fylla-East now available
Cover of Ghexis Newsletter 19
GHEXIS No. 18 - December 2000
  • Qulleq-1: the Fylla exploration well 
  • Invitation to nominate blocks on the West Greenland continental shelf announced
  • Seismic acquisition during summer 2000 – the Canadian connection
  • Oil Spill Sensitivity Atlas for Southwest Greenland released
  • New information CD available – order form
Cover of Ghexis Newsletter 18
GHEXIS No. 17- April 2000
  • The first well offshore West Greenland in the new millenium
  • New seismic data acquisition in the Nuussuaq Basin.
  • East Greenland - analogues for the future
  • Upper Palaeozoic carbonates in northern Greenland - an analogue to the Barents Sea succession
  • Kangerlussuaq - a key to subbasaltic basins of the North Atlantic, Lower Cretaceous fault-crest sandstones
  • Hold with Hope - an overlooked play offshore Norway?
  • Jameson Land Basin, East Greenland - yet to be tested as petroleum basin
  • Correlation and reconstruction of North-East Atlantic Margins (CREAM)
Cover of Ghexis Newsletter 17
GHEXIS No. 16 - December 1999
  • Revised policy for Open Door areas now in force
  • Interesting leads identified in the Open Door areas
  • Field work in the Disko - Nuussuaq - Svartenhuk Halvø region in 1999
  • The Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum's website revitalised
GHEXIS No. 15 - April 1999
  • A new licensing policy for Greenland
  • Licence round offshore West Greenland
  • Open door regions
  • The KANUMAS preference areas
  • West Greenland, underexplored with exciting opportunities
  • New data acquisition and licences
GHEXIS No. 14 - December 1998
  • New exploration opportunities - West Greenland
  • New petroleum exploration strategy for Greenland soon to be released
  • Well-defined play types for future exploration in the Nuussuaq region
  • Nuussuaq information package - an extension now available
  • GRO#3 well information package now available.
  • Previous exploration and Survey activities in the Nuussuaq region
  • Exploration activities summer 1998
  • A new promising prospect with DHIs west of Disko
GHEXIS No. 13 - May 1998
  • Mineral Resources Administration to be transferred to the Greenland Home Rule Government
  • New application from a group headed by Philips Petroleum Greenland Ltd
  • grønArctic releases Nuussuaq licence - but lots of encouragement for future exploration
  • The KANUMAS Project
  • The physical environment off West Greenland
  • West Greenland activities planned for the summer of 1998
  • Greenland meets the exploration industry on the Web
GHEXIS No. 12 - October 1997
  • Widespread oil seeps in many areas of West Greenland
  • Did Kangâmiut-1 find oil?
  • Transfer of the Mineral Resources Administration to the Greenland Home Rule Government
  • Petroleum licensing in West Greenland
  • Exploration onshore in the Disko-Nuussuaq-region
  • Exploration in 1997
  • The KANUMAS Project
  • Annual Report for 1996
GHEXIS No. 11 - April 1997
  • Offshore West Greenland: The Fylla area
  • Onshore exploration in West Greenland
  • A new information package: The Disko–Nuussuaq–Svartenhuk region
  • Melville Bay

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GHEXIS, Greenland Hydrocarbon Exploration Information Service - Previous Issues