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Location of the Kangâmiut Ridge and the Kangâmiut-1 well

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Fig. 4.6.1. (a) Summary map of southern West Greenland showing the location of the Kangâmiut Ridge and the Kangâmiut-1 well. (b) Simplified lithology and stratigraphy of the Kangâmiut-1 well. (c) E–W cross-section through the Kangâmiut Ridge and Kangâmiut-1 well. During drilling of the well in 1976, high pressures were encountered in the sandy section below 3600 metres; (see (b)), which took 9 days to control and required the use of "kill-mud" with an S. G. of 1.82 (14.4 ppg). During circulation of the mud, gas-chromatograph readings up to 9% gas (with gas up to C5) were recorded. A DST (b) in the upper part of the sandy section flowed water for approx. 1½ hours, but the water chemistry was the same as that of the drilling mud. It is possible that Kangâmiut-1 was drilled into an oil or condensate field that was not recognised at the time. See Bate (1997) for details. Get pdf-file (79kB)

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Ghexis Fig. 4.6.1