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Offshore West Greenland non-exclusive seismic data

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9460 km data provide an integrated regional grid covering major play types off West Greenland

943 km data form a prospect survey over the Kangâmiut Ridge around the Kangâmiut-1 well (K-1). Data reprocessed in 1999/2000

Data acquired 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1995 using tuned airgun arrays; recording to 8 s at 2 ms intervals on 3000 m cable with 120 channels (240 to 360 channels 1995)

Processing with special emphasis on removal of strong seabed multiples and migration of the 60 fold stack

Technical specifications


Airgun array at 6 m depth; 3616 cubic inches sleeve gun array (1990), 5016 cubic inches Bolt gun array (1991 and 1992) and 4100 cubic inches sleeve gun array (1995).

3000 m analogue streamer at 8 m depth with 120 channels in 25 m groups (1990 - 1992), up to 4500 m long digital streamer at 8 m depth with up to 360 channels in 12.5 m groups (1995), some of the Disko Bay data were acquired with a 1200 m streamer (96 channels in 18.75 m groups)

25 m shot interval; 8 sec recording time at 2 ms sample rate (1990 -1995).

Summary of processing sequence

Demultiplex Deconvolution Deconvolution
True amplitude recovery (1990-1992) NMO corrections Migration
Demultiple processes Mute Filter and scaling
DMO (1995) 60 fold stack Display

Further information

The seismic data can be inspected at GEUS's office in Copenhagen on a Landmark workstation. GEUS can also give presentations of the geology offshore West Greenland either at GEUS's Copenhagen offices or at companies' own offices. For all presentations, appointments should be made in advance.

Information regarding licensing policy, licensing terms, and legal and economic matters concerning hydrocarbon and mineral exploration and exploitation in Greenland can be obtained from the Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum in Nuuk, Greenland.


The price for individual lines is DKK 130 per km. Complete surveys are available for DKK 65 per km. Further details can be obtained from GEUS ( (contact: info-data@geus.dk). These prices also apply for released seismic data.

Download brochure in pdf-format.

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