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Bajocian to Oxfordian palynology of the Polish Jurassic,



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DINOFLAGELLATE CYSTS FROM THE JURASSIC OF POLAND Tilbage til hjemmesiden, Danmarks og Grønlands Geologiske Undersøgelse (GEUS)GEUS' danske hjemmeside

Late Jurassic
of Poland
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Middle Jurassic
of Poland
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Jurassic of N Europe
Figure showing the Jurassic strata in Denmark, Poland, Skåne, United Kingdom, and the neighbouring offshore Central Graben areas.
Modified after Poulsen, N. E., and Riding, J. B., (In press): The Jurassic dinoflagellate cyst zonation of Subboreal north-west Europe. With a supplement by Buchardt, B.: Oxygene isotope palaeotemperatures from the Jurassic in Northwest Europe. In: Ineson, J., et al., (eds): The Jurassic of Denmark and Greenland (provicial title). Special Issue of the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland.

Bajocian to Oxfordian palynology of the Polish Jurassic
by Niels E. Poulsen

This catalog presents results from the palynological part of the research project (Danish Energy Agency EFP-1995 project): The Polish Middle - Upper Jurassic Epicratonic Basin, Stratigraphy, Facies and Basin History, which is part of research at the University of Warsaw and the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) into Jurassic stratigraphy. Other parts of the project were ammonite stratigraphy presented by Drs. E. Glowniak, J. Kutek, B. A. Matyja, and A. Wierzbowski, palaeogeographic evolution by Drs. B. A. Matyja, A. Wierzbowski et al., clay sedimentology by Dr. T. Merta & A. Drewniak, and carbonate sedimentology by Drs J. R. Ineson, B. A. Matyja & T. Merta.

The location map shows the central-southern Polish localities studied for this project 1: Bydlin quarry, 2: Gorenice "small" quarry west of the village, 3: Zalas quarry, 4: Ogrodzieniec quarry and clay pit, 5: Wysoka quarry, 6: Zawodzie quarry, 7: the clay pits at Czêstochowa (Alina clay pit, Aniol clay pit, Sowa & Gliñski clay pits, Leszczyñski clay pit, Gnaszyn clay pit, and Kawodrza clay pit), 8: Lisowice quarry, 9: Raciszyn quarry, 10: Pacanów clay pit, 11: Faustianka clay pit, 12: Krzyworzeka clay pit,  13: Gniezdziska, 14: the northwestern Polish Zalesie structure (Wapienno and Bielawy quarries, and the Barcin-Pakosc 3 borehole) in the Barcin area (Kujawy Region, Torun District, north-western Poland).

The Upper Bajocian - Bathonian organic-rich claystones succession, and the Lower Callovian sandy, marly and gaize (dispersed biogenic silica) deposits of central-southern Poland, yields diverse and well-preserved dinoflagellate cyst floras dominated by ctenidodinioids, principally Ctenidodinium combazii and Dichadogonyaulax sellwoodii together with Korystocysta spp., but also Atopodinium and Wanaea spp. are common. The stratigraphical distribution of dinoflagellate cysts within the Upper Bajocian - Bathonian - Lower Callovian has provided a detailed correlation between the Polish Submediterranean Province (northern Tethyan realm) and the Subboreal Province of the North Sea area (chronostratigraphy and dinoflagellate zonation). The dinoflagellate cyst biostratigraphical events are of correlative value and are consistent with interpretations based on macrofaunas. The Middle Callovian - Oxfordian of central - southern Poland indicates only few biostratigraphical events likely to be of correlative value. The Oxfordian carbonates and marlstones of the Barcin area (northern Poland) provided richer dinoflagellate cysts floras demonstrating good correlation to the British-Danish dinoflagellate cyst zonation. The British or the Subboreal zonation (Riding and Thomas, 1992; Poulsen and Riding, in press) proves useful for the Polish sections. Some marker species have, however, differences in their first or last appearances in Poland compared to those reported from England.

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Image catalog, Bajocian to Oxfordian palynology of the Poland