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Department of Petrology and Economic Geology assists Greenland's Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources (MIM) with a number of activities linked to the exploration and exploitation of mineral resources in Greenland, including MIM's issuing of licenses and monitoring of associated company activities.  
In order to construct infrastructure, houses, cars, smartphones and all the other things that is part of modern life one needs mineral resources. Through geological mapping and modelling, geophysical surveys, and geochemistry Department of Petrology and Economic Geology assists authorities, politicians and the mining industry with scientific data and interpretations of Greenland's mineral resources. The department also helps The Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources (MIM) with the international marketing of Greenland's raw materials.

GEUS's experience and expertise in the field of natural mineral resources is also involveed in several capacity building projects in developing countries.

Services to the international mining industry
GEUS offers a wide range of products and services to the international mining and exploration industry covering all aspects and phases of exploration projects. Contact the department for the following:

Prospecting phase

Exploration Phase
  • Logistical co-operational i zedlaboratories
  • Prefeasibility Phase
  • Ad hoc geological advise and discussion
  • Geophysical modeling, interpretation and target recognition
  • 3D modeling of the ore deposit

Karen Hanghøj
Karen Hanghøj
Head of department
E-mail: kha@geus.dk
Telefon: +459133 3851

Susanne Veng Christensen
(Sale of data)
Susanne Veng Christensen
E-mail: svc@geus.dk
Telefon: +459133 3854

Lars Lund Sørensen
Senior Geologist
Lars Lund Sørensen
E-mail: lls@geus.dk