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Karen Hanghøj
Karen Hanghøj
Mail: kha@geus.dk
Telefon: 9133851

Lars Lund Sørensen
Lars Lund Sørensen
Mail: lls@geus.dk
Telefon: 5176 3934

Through GEUS's scientific publications, newsletters and articles in international journals, and also through GEUS' web page, the department makes data and interpretations available to the mining and petroleum industries to improve the foundation for exploration primarily in Greenland.

Printed geoinformation

MINEX is a newsletter for the international mining industry and others interested in up-to-date geoscientific and legislatory information about Greenland. MINEX is an acronym for Greenland Min eral Ex ploration Newsletter. The newsletter is published 2-4 times a year by GEUS in co-operation with the Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum, Greenland Government.

GEOLOGY AND ORE - Exploration and Mining in Greenland is a magazine for the mining industry and others interested in the mineral resources of Greenland. Written in English and fully illustrated with photographs and maps. It is published at irregular intervals.

FACT SHEETS - Exploration and Mining in Greenland is for the mining industry and others interested in prospecting in Greenland. The sheets are written in English and are illustrated with photographs and graphs, also published at irregular intervals.

Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin is an Open Access journal published three times a year. The journal publishes comprehensive research papers in English of long-lasting international value and with focus on Greenland, Denmark, and the North Sea regions.

Geology of Denmark and Greenland Map Series consists of printed geoscientific maps of Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland including offshore areas, with short descriptions.

Popular science books are books on all kinds of geological subjects published by GEUS. Some them are translated into English, and all are well illustrated with colour photos, graphics and maps.

Special publications

  •  Information og fakta om uran 2014 (hæfte)
  • Geoviden, no. 4 2012 - Mineralske råstoffer (hæfte)

    Online geoinformation

    DODEX (The Geoscience DO cuments and D ata for EX ploration in Greenland) is an online database that provides access to all non-confidential company geoscience reports and data.

    GMOM ( G reenland M ineral O currence M ap) is an online version of a dynamic Greenland Mineral Occurrence Map. The database behind the map holds information about some 700-800 sites and a subset of the attributes can be used for searches based on e.g., area or commodity


  • Udgivelser
    Geoviden No 4 - 2012
    Geoviden No. 4. Topic: Mineral Raw Materials. GEUS, December 2012.

    the koch family papers 2012
    The Koch Family Papers, Part 1: New insight into the life, work and aspirations of Greenland geo-explorer Lauge Koch (1892-1964) 220 pages inclusive 55 pp. with pictures and maps. GEUS, September 2012.

    geology and ore no. 24 - magmatic nickel potential in greenland
    Geology and Ore no. 24 - November 2013
    Macmatic nickel potential in Greenland


    fact sheet no. 29 - aFieldWork - An Android App for offline recording of geological localities
    Fact Sheet no. 28 - August 2013
    aFieldWork - An Android App for offline recording of geological localities


    minex44 - october 2013 

    Minex no. 44 - October 2013