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Professor's corner

Jochen Kolb, research professor at GEUS since 2011, holds a PhD from RWTH Aachen University, Germany. He applies an integral approach to describing crustal fluid systems. With a special aim of describing different mineral systems, Jochen Kolb is interested in combining structural geology and petrology to study the interface between the various processes related to the formation of mountains.

In 2014 Jochen Kolb has joined the Geochemical, Mineralogical and Petrological Earth Processes research group as adjunct professor. With his adjunct professorship Jochen Kolb hopes to secure research in economic geology in his fields of interest and economic geology education in general at the University of Copenhagen and within the Geocenter Denmark.

Jochen Kolb has a special interest in disseminating his own interest in geology to students and has contributed to the completion of many master, ph.d. and post.doc thesises (see below). You are welcome to contact Jochen with inquiries regarding collaboration on projects. 

Research fields

Processes in the lower Archaean and Palaeoproterozoic crust: gold and nickel systems

Deep structure of early orogens: Archaean and Palaeoproterozoic tectonics

Hypozonal orogenic gold deposits: the deep expression of hydrothermal activity

Deep ductile shear zones: how is permeability generated and fluid focused

Direct borax smelting as an alternative for amalgamation of gold ores in small-scale gold mining
Various economic geology projects in Greenland (graphite deposits, Fe-oxide-Cu-Au deposits)
Applied projects directed towards the development of exploration strategies for sustainable mining


Selected recent publications

Kolb, J. (2014): Structure of the Palaeoproterozoic Nagssugtoqidian Orogen, South-East Greenland: model for the tectonic evolution. Precambrian Research in press, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.precamres.2013.12.015.

Dziggel, A., Diener, J.F.A., Stoltz, N.B., Kolb, J., Kokfelt, T.F. (2014): Metamorphic record of accretionary processes during the Neoarchaean: The Nuuk region, southern West Greenland. Precambrian Research 242, 22-38.

Weihed, P., Eilu, P., Kolb, J., Sandstad, J.S. (2013): Metallic mineral deposits in Fennoscandia, Greenland and NW Russia. SGA News 33, 1/9-14.

Kolb, J., Dziggel, A., Schlatter, D.M. (2013): Gold occurrences of the Archean North Atlantic craton, southwestern Greenland: A comprehensive genetic model. Ore Geology Reviews 54, 29-58.

Bagas, L., Næraa, T., Kolb, J., Reno, B.L., Fiorentini, M.L. (2013): Partial melting of the Archaean Thrym Complex of southeastern Greenland. Lithos 160-161, 164-182.

Kolb, J., Thrane, K., Bagas, L. (2013): Field relationship of high-grade Neo- to Mesoarchaean rocks of South-East Greenland: Tectonometamorphic and magmatic evolution. Gondwana Research 23, 471-492.

Dziggel, A., Diener, J.F.A., Stoltz, N.B., Kolb, J., 2012. The role of H2O in the formation of garnet coronas during near isobaric cooling of mafic granulites: the Tasiusarsuaq terrane, southern West Greenland. Journal of Metamorphic Geology 30: 957-972.

Kolb, J., Kokfelt, T., Dziggel, A. (2012): Deformation history of an Archaean terrane at mid-crustal level: the Tasiusarsuaq terrane of southern West Greenland. Precambrian Research 212-213, 34-56.

Stensgaard, B.M., Kolb, J., Stendal, H., Porter, T.M. (2011): The potential for iron oxide copper-gold occurrence in Greenland. In: Porter, T.M. (Ed): Hydrothermal Iron Oxide Copper-Gold and Related Deposits: A Global Perspective, volume 4, Advances in the Understanding of IOCG Deposits; PGC Publishing, Adelaide, 357-378.

Running projects

South Greenland
• with University of Copenhagen:
Robin-Marie Bell PhD project (2012-2015): Genesis of Palaeoproterozoic orogenic gold mineralization at the Nalunaq gold mine in South Greenland

Sven Helbig MSc project (2013): Geochemistry and mineralogy of hydrothermal alteration in the Nalunaq gold mine
South-East Greenland
• with University of Oulu (Finland):
Nanna Rosing-Schow MSc project (2014-2015): Graphite mineralisation and quality of potential graphite ore in the Tasiilaq region, South-East Greenland
Anne Brandt Johannesen MSc project (2014-2015): Sulphide mineralisation and nickel mineral system in the Johan Pedersen Fjord intrusion, Tasiilaq, South-East Greenland
• with RWTH Aachen University:
PhD project (2014-2017): Pressure-temperature-time-deformation evolution of high-pressure metamorphic rocks in the Palaeoproterozoic Nagssugtoqidian Orogen in South-East Greenland
Internships, student projects, ”virksomhedsprojekter”:
None at the moment.

Potential research projects

PostDoc and PhD projects around economic geology research in Greenland: contact me for discussion
MSc projects.

The petrology of sulphide mineralisation and alteration assemblages of the potential VMS-style occurrence on Simiutat Island, southern West Greenland

The petrology of gold-quartz vein mineralisation and alteration assemblages of the Tartoq Gold Province, southern West Greenland

The geochemistry of gold-quartz vein mineralisation and alteration zones of the Tartoq Gold Province, southern West Greenland

Characterisation of fluid inclusions and stable isotopes in hydrothermal quartz veins from the Tarsiusarsuaq Gold Province, southern West Greenland

Mineral chemistry of hydrothermal alteration zones from the Tarsiusarsuaq Gold Province, southern West Greenland

Petrology of the Palaeoproterozoic Kulusuk Intrusion (Ammassalik Intrusive Complex) and its metamorphic aureole, South-East Greenland

Further projects can be offered upon request or see other projects in the department.

BSc projects
Stockwork Ag-mineralisation hosted in Archaean gneiss: description of a possible Archaean porphyry system, Tre Brødre Terrane, southern West Greenland

Petrology and geochemistry of hydrothermal alteration in the Tartoq Gold Province

Hydrothermal alteration and mineralisation associated with quartz veins, Grædefjord, southern West Greenland

Further projects can be offered upon request or see other projects in the department.

Internships, student projects, ”virksomhedsprojekter”

Current topics centre on the 2014 expedition to the Tasiilaq area in South-East Greenland and the workshop covering the potential for gold mineralisation in Greenland. Various topics in literature studies and more scientific studies can be offered.

Recently finished projects
Katrine Baden MSc thesis (2013): Paleoproterozoic hydrothermal graphite-sulfide±gold mineralization from the Tasiilaq area, South-East Greenland. University of Copenhagen.

Anders Bergen MSc thesis (2012): Hydrothermal alteration around quartz veins in the Kangiata Nunaa and Sermilik area, southern West Greenland – characterization of the hydrothermal alteration of gneisses and amphibolites. University of Copenhagen.

Martin Koppelberg MSc thesis (2011): Geochemische und petrologische Charakterisierung einer goldführenden hydrothermalen Alterationszone auf der Insel Qilanngaarsuit, SW Grönland. RWTH Aachen University.

Nicolas-Benjamin Stoltz MSc thesis (2011): Metamorphe Entwicklung von mafischen Granuliten des Tasiusarsuaq-Terrans, SW Grönland. RWTH Aachen University.

Kirsty Reynolds MSci thesis (2011): Chemical mass transfer during alteration and gold mineralization of the Tartoq Group greenstones. Imperial College London.

Nanna Rosing-Schow BSc thesis (2013): A genetic model for the metamorphic and hydrothermal evolution of the Mellembygden area, Paamiut, South-West Greenland. University of Copenhagen.

Anne Brandt Johannesen BSc thesis (2013): Metamorphic and hydrothermal evolution of gold mineralised quartz veins and wall rocks from the Akuliaq Peninsula of the late Archaean Kvanefjord Greenstone Belt, Paamiut region, SW Greenland: a genetic model. University of Copenhagen.

Brendan Lally BSc thesis (2013): Geological mapping and tectonostratigraphy of mineralised mafic bands of the Timmiarmiut region of South-East Greenland. University of Western Australia.

Steven Rennick BSc thesis (2012): Structural control and stratigraphy of the mafic and ultramafic units between Graah Fjord and Bernstorff Isfjord, South-East Greenland. University of Western Australia.

John Owen BSc thesis (2012): Characterisation of the Nickel sulphide mineralisation between Graah Fjord and Bernstorff Isfjord, South-East Greenland. University of Western Australia.

Sven Helbig BSc thesis (2012): Geochemical and mineralogical analysis of the hydrothermal al
teration in the Mellembygden area in SW Greenland. University of Copenhagen.

Evan Hastie BSc thesis (2011): Mapping and structural analysis of the Akuliaq Peninsula, near Paamuit, SW Greenland. University of Windsor.

Michael Glendenning BSc thesis (2011): Mapping and petrographic analysis of the lithology of Akuliaq Peninsula, Paamiut region, Southwest Greenland. University of Windsor.

Internships, student projects, ”virksomhedsprojekter"
Benedicte Grøtner (2014): Sulphide mineralisation in the Ammassalik Intrusive Complex, South-East Greenland.

Jørgensen, A.F. (2013): Malmbjerg molybdenum deposit.

Trojaborg, D. (2013): Petrography of selected samples from the Paamiut Gold Province.

Johannesen, A.B. (2013): Kortlægning af strukturkontrollerede guldmineraliseringer i Kvanefjord Grønstensbælte, Paamiut, Grønland.

Helbig, S. (2012): Analysis of the drill cores and geochemical data from the Nalunaq gold mine in South Greenland.

Hoffritz, S.E. (2011): Modellering af hydrotermale omdannelser og Au mineraliseringer I Nuuluk området, Tartoq guldprovins.






Jochen Kolb
Research professor 
Jochen Kolb  
E-mail: jkol@geus.dk 
Phone: +45 9133 3863

Adjunct Professor in Ore Deposits and Economic Geology at the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management
Copenhagen University

Elected member of the
Danish Horizon 2020 steering committee
Reviewer for the
National Research Foundation South Africa and the 
Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA)

Link to CV

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